Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Scary Bunch...

I thought I would take a tiny break from this regularly scheduled scrappy blog to share some Halloween photos of my kiddos. So, if you will indulge me for a minute...

My oldest (who is 13) wanted to be a Playboy bunny-we nixed that idea pretty quickly, lol! But when she agreed to wear sweats or jeans, we felt a cute black bunny costume was a good compromise:

My son wanted to be Scream, and it was pretty funny that one of his best buds ended up being Scream also-and they didn't even tell each other what they were going to be!

 Evan and his buds before a Halloween party a few nights ago:
The twins personalities and differences are really showing with this year's costumes! Natalie, the oldest twin, wanted to be rather glamorous and pretty, so she went as a "Goth Fairy":

And the younger twin (by 2 mins, lol), Cecilia, wanted the ugliest, scariest costume that she could find, and it HAD to have a mask. So, she went as "Infectious"(although she looked rather like a zombie to me, but what do I know?):

I especially love that blonde hair peeking out ;-) !


  1. Very spooooky! Thanks for sharing. Hope you can stop in this week at Great Impressions Stamps to "Guess the Christmas Carol" for some stampin' prizes!



  2. Great costumes, I especially like the goth fairy costume, I wouldn't mind a costume like that for myself! x


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