Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's Time for CHA again! And, a sort of challenge to myself...

Well, this is something that I look forward to almost as much as holidays each summer and winter. It makes my pretty-paper-loving heart go pitter-patter. With the winter CHA, I was fortunate enough to win and be able to buy at least bits and pieces of most of the things I fell in love with. However, with the home renovations and impending move, my beloved scrapbook supplies have been sorely neglected. Now that things have calmed down around our household (more on that story in a minute), I feel like I have to use some of my purchases before I can buy any more... so I am challenging my self: "No scrappy purchases until I make 50 pages/projects". Yikes! With the exception of adhesive, of course... I will post them to my blog to hold myself accountable. Luckily I have lots of kits made up, so I can get crackin'!

Now, about the move...
We were planning to move from our little town in West TN, to Atlanta for my husband's job. He has spent some time there and after a lot of thought and contemplation, we have decided that he will help them out for a short time, but we are quite happy with our life in our small town, so we will stay here for now.  Our house is already on the market, so we may still sell it and move somewhere close by, but if it doesn't sell before the listing is up, we will probably stay in it and continue to work on it. Here is a look at our listing:

I'll be back soon with some of my favorite sneak peeks for CHA new collections!


  1. Good luck with your sale. I can hardly believe the price...You are so lucky to have real estate like that.
    You could not buy a studio aptartment here for that...your house would be $400,000. to $600,000. depending on the neighbourhood!!!

    1. Thanks, Scrappymo! Real estate is fairly inexpensive around my area, but I do feel our house is priced on the lower side-but median incomes aren't too high. Love my little house in the country though-such beautiful views and privacy. And we have been happy with the schools so far, too.


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