Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How To Use Project Life Cards on a Traditional Layout

I was perusing my edited photos, and I came across a couple of layouts that I haven't shared on my blog yet, so decided to share with you today. The first layout is a great of example of how I would use 3x4 project life type cards before I actually started Project Life:

Which brings me to my first tip:
*Line them up under the photos. Especially if you have one horizontal photo and one vertical photo, the line of 3x4 cards adds a sense of balance in the uniform sizes.

Here is an example of how I used a 4x6 card on a traditional layout:

Which brings me to my second tip:
*Use them as Titles for your pages- there are lots of cards in the packages/on the sheets that can be used this way!

More examples of my pages using 3x4 and 4x6 cards:

Ways to use Project Life (or any cards meant for those Pocket Pages) on a traditional layout:
*Use them as Subtitles/Secondary Headings. Many of the cards have cute expressions on them, and this is a great way to use them.
*trim them (or don't) and layer them up-they are just cardstock/paper, after all!
*journaling cards, this may seem obvious, but this is my favorite way to use them! Before Project Life became a big "thing" it seemed like there were never enough journaling cards/easy ways to add a few words to the page. Since I journal by hand, it is nice to have a card that I can write on, and throw away if I screw it up too badly (which I inevitably do!).

There are many other great ways to use Project Life cards, and others have blogged about about it, so check out this Pinterest board for lots more links and ideas for using Project Life in gifts, home decor, mini albums, cards, and more:

Use Project Life Cards

If you are feeling inspired, but don't have a huge stash of  3x4 and 4x6 cards, you can find links to tons of free printable cards here:

Crafty- Project Life Printable

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  1. Lots of inspiration here. I need to start using up all the cards I have, so I'm pretending I didn't see those printable links.

    1. Thanks, S! It's so easy to collect rather than creating, right?

  2. Gorgeous lovely layouts!! Love how you used all the Crate papers, I struggle with making my pages look bright and light with them, but you did a great job! TFS!


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