Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Journal Your Christmas Day 1/Cover still under Construction

I'm still working on my cover and waiting for paint to dry, so here's a peek at it:

but, my main reason for popping by the blog today is to share my journal entry/title page for yesterday:
I have been wanting to try the sequins in the pocket idea for a while now, but my sewing machine is covered up right now. So, I just taped it with my washi tape, and the sequins are trying to escape in the photo, so, I just glued it shut with a bit of Glossy Accents and restuck the washi, and I am not going to worry about rephotographing it. You get the idea, right?
My Christmas Manifesto for this year: Rekindle the Magic- for myself and the kids. Slowly but surely add the special touches that bring the sparkle and joy to their eyes and happy smiles.

With that being said, I am going to get off the computer for a while, turn on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and clean and work on decorating for a while! I will try to update my blog regularly as I add to my Journal Your Christmas album for this year, and I may just share some previous December minis as time allows, so be sure to check back. Have a lovely, sparkly day!


  1. Gorgeous! LOVE what I am seeing! Can't wait to see the cover finished!!


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