Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

Just thought I would share a little bit of what I am loving today...

Google Photos
Did you know that Google offers free unlimited photo storage, and it organizes them for you, and you can pull all of your digital photos from all of your devices into one place? Me either, until a week or two ago! I have since been uploading all of my digital photos, and I am so happy to have my photos all (or it will be all when I get finished uploading-there are thousands and thousands, so it takes a while!) backed up to one place, and organized by date. I think it will also help me to reorganize my photo library when I am finished, as well. I have rediscovered treasures such as this:

And, thanks to Google photo, I can easily see that it was taken shortly after 2:00 pm on Sunday, March 16, 2003. Yes, she's 16 now, and he's 13. This just melts my heart!
And here are a couple from the twins' 3rd Birthday in 2006...

I just love their expressions sooo much!!

Okay, also loving right now (on a somewhat different topic, for totally different reasons...) Senior Inspire on instagram , because they find and share some gorgeous examples of senior photography, and just give so many ideas to use at work. Do yourself a favor and check them out if you love gorgeous photography like me!

Also loving:
This fantastic looking tutorial over at 36th Avenue:
I have a huge area on my deck that this would be so perfect for!! Now if I can just talk my hubby into making it for me!!

And if he makes that, I want to make these awesome wine bottle torches to go around the rest of the deck:

See the tutorial here on Design Sponge.

So, that is just a little peek into what I am loving on this Wednesday! What are you loving right now? I would love to know-leave me a comment so that I can be inspired, too!

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