Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Counterfeit Kit February Challenge #3

Over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog, we were challenged:

Challenge #3:  Say What Challenge...Pick a quote or a fun family saying and base your project on that!

I was truly stumped by this challenge, until I thought of this page that I just made for LOAD, talking about what all of my daughters' classmates and friends had to say about them for their 5th grade graduation. I did make it almost entirely with my February kit, only adding the shimmery purple cardstock, so I felt it would be appropriate to share. This is also a great example of how you can make challenges work for you! If it doesn't speak to you right away, think about it again. What does it make you think of? Use the first thing that comes to mind, even if it is a little different than the actual challenge! And remember, if you use your kits, we want to see- Link us up at the Counterfeit Kit challenge.

Here is my layout:

2 Incredible Girls

I hope it helps you think about challenges a little differently!


  1. Sweet page! LOVE how you described each girl!!

  2. What a fab resource to scrap - and a lovely photo of the pair of them!

  3. What a great custom - this page will be so meaningful to your girls as they get older.

  4. Glad you finally found an angle that worked for you!
    A great catch of that point in time :-)

  5. That's the beauty of challenges - they are always open to interpretation. This is a great layout - such a nice thing to record for the girls.


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