Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Your Own Patterned Paper: A Tutorial

Today, I am goingto share my "Counterfeits" of a few of the papers that were included in the Scrapbook Circle kits-just because I loved them so much!
The first (and probably my favorite) was the My Mind's Eye Kraft Funday Streamers:

And this is how I made my "knock-off":

Started with plain ol' kraft cardstock, and some Tim Holtz Tissue tape:

Grabbed a pair of decorative edge scissors- remember these ;-)? Yes, I kept mine!
I cut the bottom edge of the tape with my scissors and attached it to the cardstock, leaving gaps between the strips, and remembering the top edge:
Now, I thought it looked pretty good, but I wanted to soften it and make it blend together a little better:
So I pulled out some chalk ink (don't judge the smudged case, I use my supplies!):

...smudged on a little light brown over the tissue tape:
And the edges:
And violia, awesome patterned paper (if I do say so myself!):
Next up to "Counterfeit", Fancy Pants Love Story "One Heart":

I knew I couldn't do an exact replica, but I could get something similar! So, I gathered my heart stamps and Staz-On Black ink, along with some smooth white cardstock:
 Stamped them, making sure to "bleed them" off of the edges (not sure if that's exactly the right term, but we're going with it):
 Kept on stamping and staggering the types of stamps used:

 And this is the finished product that I came up with:
 Last on the list, the Pebbles With Love "Dear Valentine":
Again, I started with kraft cardstock (and some red pens, and quote stickers):
 I put the stickers on randomly, but evenly spaced, allowing some to "bleed" off the edges:
 Trimmed the overhangs with my trusty Cutterbee scissors:
 Outlined the stickers:
Looks good, but a little bare:
 So, I rummaged through my stash and found some partially used packs of rub-ons and glitter stickers:
 Added them to the empty spaces:
 And came up with a finished paper that I like very much:
I also loved the My Mind's Eye Kraft Funday Ziggity paper:
So, I printed a black chevron digi paper on kraft 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock:
Up in a day or two-I promise, I start sharing how I am using my kit!


  1. These are fantastic! Really fabulous counterfeiting - my fave is the Pebbles one with the outlined stickers :)

  2. Cool beans, as we say in these parts. I love the idea of using up stickers too!

  3. Seriously amazing counterfeiting!! I am so impressed with your tissue tape idea and your use of stickers. Thanks for sharing the details!

  4. Really awesome counterfeiting! Will have to try the first one this weekend.

  5. I love it! Unfortunately, you are forcing me to go out shopping for the Tim Holtz tape. ;)


  6. Fab. I love the red Pebbles With Love best

  7. that is great counterfeiting! so creative! I'm really impressed - I don't think I could have come with these myself - well done!

  8. Margie, these are totally awesome! What great ideas! I think your "knock offs" are better than the originals! Great job girl.


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