Thursday, August 8, 2013

A time out from scrapbook shares...

To share a few of my life moments with you! I will tell you, there is nothing quite as scary as watching your son play tackle football for the first time-and he's the quarterback! So proud of my number seven!
Today was just a Jamboree, but it was enough for him to realize that football is no walk in the park! It is tough! He's played flag football since second grade, but tackle is a whole different scenario! He made some plays:

And he even got a couple of runs for a pick up of 15-20 yds!

He got tackled too-I bet he'll be sore tomorrow!


  1. Yikes!! That would be hard to watch!! Great pics!!

    1. Thanks, Julie-and it is! I didn't realize how hard it is to watch that many guys coming after your kid! You spend the whole time just praying he doesn't break anything-but so proud, too!


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