Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Morning Mood Booster

On my first weekday of Daylight savings time, I look out onto a dreary and chilly, drizzly Monday. And I have so much on my agenda for today, that I feel the need for a bit of a pick me up and inspiration this morning. With that being said, here's a bit of sunshine from around the web this morning.

And to add some warmth of my own, heaps of sunshine and roses from the Ringling rose garden, taken on our vacation to Sarasota FL last year:

I was so entranced with the beauty of this English rose garden in Florida that my husband took the kids to Starbucks so that I could linger and photograph the flowers and statues-so grateful for this opportunity. I am thinking that these rose garden photos will be in a stand alone mini album seperate from our vacation album-they don't need much journaling, just a place to put them so that they can be appreciated.


  1. Your garden snaps are a real treat, an even bigger treat for me would to be able to wear that dress and those shoes. How fab!

    1. I know, wouldn't it? They're so pretty! Thanks, S!

  2. Loving all the yellow! And those beautiful flower pics!! WOW!!!


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