Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Football Mom's prayer...

Last night, I saw something that literally made my heart stop with fear.  A friend of mine posted a photo of an air evac helicopter in the middle of a football field, and said that an eighth grade football player had to be life flighted from their game after taking a hit. My heart stopped. You see, last night was an away game for my son, and the first game this season that I did not go to, since it was further away than most of his games. As I waited for my friend to respond about what game it was, and who was hurt, I prayed and hoped that it wasn't mine. But I knew even after finding out that it wasn't him, that another mama out there was watching her son and praying for his life. This business of being a mom is hard. I let him play for so many reasons. Sports are such a positive influence on kids, their self confidence, building relationships, learning to work and play well with others, and keeping them healthy and fit. But they can be hard as well. It is hard to watch your son's (or daughter's) team lose. It is hard to keep the right attitude and teach them good sportsmanship when they do. It is so hard to watch them go into potentially dangerous situations, and let them go. Even though you know that they are smart and careful, you know that bad things still happen. But I wanted the other mama's out there to know that I am praying for my son (and yours), and you are not alone in this scary business of raising a child.
And, for the son I am talking about; #85-

You keep doing your best, and I will keep praying for you. That you make the right choices. That you stay safe. And that you become a good man in the process!


  1. Sending a prayer for the boy that did get hurt ...

    1. I know !! And even though I don't know him or his family, I am too!


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