Monday, January 23, 2017

Kits and Classes, and getting it all done!

With the coming of the new year, for me, there is always an urge to organize and purge unneeded or unnecessary items. I was looking at my ever growing collection of kits in my closet, and I decided that I needed to do something about them. So, I am giving myself a challenge. I have the Design Decisions class from Shimelle waiting in the wings for inspiration. I also have this large stack of kits (although 2 of these kits are Christmas, and one is a bag of 12x12 partially used sticker sheets- it all still needs to be used up!). So, I am going to take this stack of kits and partially finished layouts from other kits:

And I am going to this class for inspiration:

Of course, out of respect for the class, I won't share the lessons or the sketches that she is giving us, but I will be sharing my pages that I am making from these kits and this class. If I should make it all of the way through the prompts and still have a good bit left in my kits, I will possibly start another Shimelle class, the 20 Project, that I purchased and only watched the videos and made a very few pages from. I'm excited about this idea, and can't wait to get started scrapping and sharing! I hope you'll drop by my blog to see what I am making.

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  1. Oh good luck. I find finishing up kits and classes both to be very motivating.


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