Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Magical Morning Surprise

 Have you ever tried to keep a secret from 4 very smart kids? It is tough, I will tell you! Especially when it is one as big as Disney World! We told the kids that we were going to Florida for 10 days, but we just told them that we were going to the beach in Sarasota. Our plan was to stop at my sister's house (about midway for us, near Atlanta), and tell them about Disney when we woke them up, on  the morning of our drive/arrival to Disney World.
I got up around 5:30 after a very restless night, tiptoed around setting everything up, then said, "get up kids, look at the table!"
Natalie and Evan were up in a blur:
 Before leaving home, I had typed up a letter in a free( Waltograph )font, which I laid out, along with Disney t-shirts (Mickey for the boys, Minnie for the girls), gift cards for spending money,  and a stack of Disney movies so they could "brush up" on the 6 hour drive from Atlanta to Orlando:
 The expressions of shock and awe were worth the work and planning:

 Such a fun thing to do-aren't surprises awesome?


  1. Replies
    1. Very! Something I always wanted to be able to do for the kids!!

  2. Surprises like this are truly girls still talk about when we surprised them going to WDW, and they are now 38 and 40!!! Great memories NEVER fade....but great that you took the time to capture this on film, too!


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