Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#RockYourDisneySide 24-Hour Party, Part 2

We did watch Wishes (the Magic Kingdom fireworks show) from Frontierland, and Caitlin videotaped part of it, but I didn't get any photos of it, because I left my tripod that I had been lugging for hours on one of the rides (oh well, it was cheap and I didn't like it anyway!). After quite a few rides, it was getting late, and I really wanted to see the Villians "It's Good To Be Bad" Pre-Parade Show:

My cell phone snaps(not nearly as good):

I loved it! So much fun to be on the front row of this one! Evan snuck in a ten minute nap sitting up, and I saw a couple of marraige proposals, all while we were waiting for this to start! So cool!
After the parade, I got a quick shot of the castle and partners statue:

There was no chance of getting a shot with out people, it was just sooo busy!

We rode a few more rides, and took a nap in The Hall Of Presidents:

It was so nice and cold in there, and had comfortable seats...I don't remember any of the show...
Caitlin and I chased down the Evil Stepmother (Lady Tremaine) from Cinderella to get a photo with her-she was very good, and so funny! I said, "we'd like to get our picture made with you", she replied, "I know, so would I!" And goes on to ask Caitlin, "Aren't you going to tell me how skinny I look?"

After this fun encounter, Caitlin wanted to meet all of the characters!


  1. I enjoyed the snaps in these last two posts. You'll have fun times scrapping these and reliving the memories.

    1. Thanks, S! I can't wait to start!


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