Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Morning Inspiration and Sharing

Does anyone else get a case of the "Monday's" like me? You just feel a little tired and blah, and uninspired? Well, I was looking through my photos and editing a few (basically because I didn't feel like doing anything else yet), and I realized that I had never shared the layouts that I made in a class I took a few months ago. If you have followed my blog for very long at all (as I know most of you have), you already know that I am a big fan of Shimelle Laine a.k.a. Glitter Girl. And, when she gives a class I generally try to join in. Her most recent class was a Return To the Collection , a spin-off on a popular class that she gave for True Scrap a few years ago, called The Perfect Collection , which was all about using a collection pack up from start to finish (or really, just about overcoming your fear of cutting into those pretty papers!). The Return to The Collection was  focused on using a single collection, but also inspired us to add in embellishments and stamping to complete our pages.  I signed up with the early birds, and was lucky enough to be given access to the first Perfect Collection class for a week. I used the first class as it was meant to be used, cutting by the pdf diagram, etc, and then jumped back in to do the second class. Here is a look at the pages the that resulted from the second class, using Glitz Designs Wild And Free Collection:

journaling reads:
 "S'mores by the fire; Fun time together with our family always seems to include some type of yummy food."

"Happy Hikers": 
journaling reads:

  •  Finding walking sticks
  • Swimming under the falls
  • Braving the open sheer cliffs
  • A rainy day for a hike
  • Treasured moments to remember of time spent together
"One of the highlights of our first trip to John and Trina's cabin was definitely the hiking! We braved a few steep trails (and sore muscles on the 2nd hike), but it was worth it to see Greeter Falls and The Great Stone Door. Sept. 2012"

Flip Day Fun: 
journaling reads: "In honor of "Flip Day", Maggie Moo's gave away ice cream-if you could catch it! I'll get serious to catch Red Velvet Cake Batter Ice Cream!"

Must See:

journaling reads: "Bethany told me about this treasure in GA-a wonderful nature center. Lots of plants and animals to see-and it was FREE?! Can't beat that! Of course I made the kids pose on the wooden alligator! 7/24/2013"

This Is What Happy Looks Like:
journaling reads: "I don't know what it is, but being around Molley makes you act so silly! "Pawface" and "Cutie Patootie" are often heard, along with lots of other baby talk and the occasional "snuggle muffins." It it so funny to watch! Molley&Natalie 11/18/2012"

To Cool To Smile?
journaling reads: "Ahh... those wonderful teenage years, when you are still young enough to want to play (sometimes), but you don't want us to see you having fun and enjoying it! I get a glimpse of it in your eyes every once in a while, though! 7/14/13"

Silly, Fun, And Colored Tongues:
journaling reads: "An afternoon at the mall in Newnan, GA, finished with a trip to the candy store. Pixie sticks & blue Icees equal colorful tongues to show off for mom's camera. July 23, 2013"

If you stuck with me for this long, thank you!  If you are in need of some crafty inspiration, why not take a class? I highly recommend Shimelle's classes if you are looking for an easy to follow, inspiration-based class! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Well, you sure made our Monday with all that sharing. Looks like it was a really good class. You pages are fabulous, I like the first one and the puppy one best.

    1. That is so sweet of you! I love to share! You totally made my day!

  2. Wow wow wow!!! These are gorgeous!!!! I loveeeeeee the colors!!!!!!!!

    1. You are too sweet! Your words mean alot to me!


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