Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Workspace Wednesday: Paper Storage

Pretty papers are such a big part of my scrapbooking. Give me paper and I can make just about anything. Flowers, embellishments, journaling cards, you name it! Which means that I may have a wee bit of a paper addiction. If I see a pretty paper, it is hard to walk away! So inexpensive and useful, I think. Well, I don't know how I jammed all of my supplies into one little closet, but a whole room is so much better! I finally have a place for all of my pretty papers, and my storage system makes it so much easier to find that paper that I know I have "somewhere". It took a few days and evenings to label and sort, but this is my system, and right now it is really working for me.

I store most of my papers in these fantastic storage units from Wal Mart's Better Homes And Gardens brand , for less than 70 bucks each:

The fabric cubes in the bottom of the storage units are also from WalMart, about 6 bucks each, and they have quite a few color choices. So roomy,and they fit the storage units perfectly. I don't have an Ikea anywhere close to me, and these units fit my 12x12 papers and albums very well, so this is a great solution for me.
I have loads of paper pads, because that is what is most readily available to me, from Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx/Marshall's, and Joann's.  I saw the idea of labeling the spines or sides with a Sharpie on a craft organization group on Facebook that I am a part of, thought it was brilliant, and had to duplicate it:

Labeling the sides makes it so much easier to pull the collection I want, and I use these paper pads all of the time when I am pulling papers for my monthly stash kits (I'll show you how I store my kits another day). I also have them grouped by manufacturer, just to make it a little easier. This saves me so much time when making my kits, because I don't have to pull out all of my paper pads to find the right one! I have a pretty good memory for what most of these paper pads contain within each collection. And yes, I still have some Hot Off the Press booklets of paper. Anyone else? Or is it just me? LOL!

My loose papers and cardstocks are sorted by color into Cropper Hopper Paper Holders , which I also found on for about $6.50 each.

I made the labels myself with some chalkboard label downloads and sticker paper, and cut out by hand.
The only thing I don't like? They are jam packed FULL, especially the Brown and Cream bin. Which means I can't purchase loose paper without using or getting rid of some. Oh well, I have realized in doing my craft room that, save the occasional adhesive purchase, I have enough supplies to scrapbook for a LONG time with out buying anything at all...but, new goodies are so much fun! I guess a mini freeze on scrappy spending until Christmas might not be too painful. We'll see...

How do you store your scrapbook papers? Link me up or leave me a comment,  I would love to see!


  1. This looks fabulous. The blue and qhite storage bins are beautiful too!
    Love the blackboard look labels...

  2. Ohhhhhhhh these look fabulous!!!!!!!!

  3. I organize my paper in the same holders but put the colors in a 12 x 12 page protector. I can organize within hues that way and ALL my scraps fit in too. That way, when I want a color, I can pull out page protector and have it ALL. Works for me.
    I also use the page protectors to organize alot more in my craft room. This helped me a lot when I moved. I did not have a disorganized mess.

    1. Thank you for sharing! It has been so much fun to see crafty spaces as I have been setting up my own space.

  4. Wow, that looks very, very tempting. How do you get anything done other than playing with paper?


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