Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I haven't forgotten my promise to show you my crafty space when it's all finished, but for now, I will keep showing you bits and pieces, as I put them back into the room. I am ever so slowly getting all of my little bits unpacked and organized. I have decided that, as I am a very visual person, the best type of organization is by color. So, here is a peek at some of my pretties as I sort and put them away:

A spice rack for brads that I picked up at a garage sale, and I spray painted (my room's accent colors are red and turquoise), and punched pinked circles to label the lids:

A rolling cart of drawers that I purchased with a gift card on line for my flowers (still working on sorting and filling this as I have tons of flowers):

Now, any ideas or inspiration for using all of these flowers?


  1. What AWESOME storage ideas!! LOVING the spice rack idea!! Totally PINNING that!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Julie! It's always fun to get pinned :-)

  2. Oh I like the spice rack idea! And I'm afraid I'm useless at incorporating flowers into anything. I need to work on that too.

  3. Love the spice rack idea! I am pinning that too!!!


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