Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Here's a look at what I am loving this week:

*My Gran's scrapbook.

 I found it a couple of years ago when helping my parents clean out their library, but my dad wanted to hang on to these priceless memories of his mother at the the time. He passed away in a car accident a few months later, and the scrapbook was forgotten, left on a shelf to be discovered at another time. I came across it about a week ago when I was over at my Mom's house, and she told me I could bring it home to look through. I found so many treasures inside, and learned so much about my grandmother in the process! It sort of seems like fate that my grandmother, the one who I was named after, was a scrapbooker too. In a different sort of way than I am, of course, but what a wonderful thing to be able to look through her book, learn about her life in a way that I never had before, and to see the things that were important enough to her for her to put them in this book of her special memories. Just a few of the things inside were several of her high school papers, a copy of her valedictorian speech, her cadet nurse's patch from WWII, all of her course study cards from Memphis State, newspaper articles, graduation cards and announcements, and a few programs and things as well. Her report cards from 6th grade (in 1936!) through high school were even there. It made me realize that it is important that I tell my own story as well as my kids'-hopefully, even just one person will treasure my albums in the future, the way I treasure my grandmother's now...We all want someone to be a witness to our lives, someone to listen to our stories and pass them along. I want my children to know how much they were loved and to carry on a legacy of love.

*Pumpkin Recipes.

It rained and got cooler, so it really feels like fall here. And when fall comes around, I just can't seem to get enough pumpkin-I wouldn't be surprised if my skin took on a slightly orange glow ;-). I have had some yummy pumpkin waffles this week, and have plenty more pumpkin recipes on the brain now, thanks to some of these links.

*Tuesday Mornings Stores- I have had great luck finding bargains the last few times I have gone by there! Here's my most recent set of bargains:

 I hit the jackpot on embellishments and diecuts!

*Olympic One Paint+Primer from Lowe's. 

I tried buying a couple of gallons of mistint paint at Walmart because I loved the color for my master bedroom, but it was a nightmare! It bubbled when I put it on the wall, you could see through it after 2 coats...luckily I tested it on one wall first, because I spent a couple of hours sanding the wall afterwards, because when I saw how terrible it was I tried to prime it so I could repaint, and primer wouldn't stick to it. I went to Lowe's and got my favorite paint, the Olympic One, and I was soooo much happier. It covers very well and goes on so smoothly. The moral of this story? Don't buy cheap paint! It's not worth the trouble to save a few bucks!

*The Scrap Gals -
 Tiffany and Tracie totally deserve a shout-out from me this week! I won a giveaway of these fun October Afternoon goodies from them:

I love listening to their scrapbooking podcasts each week. If you haven't listened yet, and you love scrapbooking too, check them out! They are so sweet and so much fun to listen to, it's great for inspiration, scrappy information, and just plain fun! Check out their blog here.

So, this is what I am loving this week! What about you? What are you into this week? I'd love to hear from you!


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