Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday...Football Then and Now

It seems like just yesterday that Evan started playing football-he started playing flag football back in 2010:

He was so proud and excited to be the quarterback for his team! We didn't win very many games, but he had so much fun!

2011 Season (4th Grade):

He was picked to be the QB again, and we had a different coach this year. A girl was his center- she shocked all the boys with how fast she was! We got more wins this year, and it was so much fun to watch his face light up when they got a win!

2012 flag football season (5th grade):

This was the best season! They had the same coach as the year before, and most of the same teammates. They knew their plays and ran them well-and had an undefeated season, culminating in a championship trophy at the end!

2013 (last year, 6th Grade) First year of tackle football:

Last year was a rough year. After coming off of a flag football team that won every game, it was hard (for him and me both) to come to a new team, and to learn a new way to play football. He has told me many times that tackle is nothing like flag football. It hurts. And it scares me to watch him play. It scares me to sign the concussion or death waver that we have to sign each year. It gives me chills just to think about it! But. He's learning. He's learning to be a part of a team, even if you're not the star. He's learning how to do his part in a different place or position. He's learning to be braver and tougher. And I guess I am (trying) learning to let go. A little bit.
His team didn't win any games last year, but they got so close by the end of the year!

2014 tackle football (7th Grade-this year):

I didn't know if he would want to play again this year after last year being such a tough year on him and his team, but he did. And I am so proud of that! He is on the JV squad this year, and they don't keep score on the JV games. But he got to play in the varsity game last week, and that made me proud too. Even if I do cringe, wince, and shrivel inside when someone breaks a leg or gets hit too hard in the helmet, hurts their arm or hand. Maybe this will make me tougher too?

If you're here for scrapbook inspiration, I have more of that in the works! But, I love taking a moment here and there to reflect on my life and share little tidbits of it with you.


  1. How exciting for him!! Glad he stuck with it and played again!!!!!!


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