Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites...Halloween Edition

Just a few of my favorites from around the web...

Halloween Wreaths:
I decorated my front porch for fall this year, but next year I will be doing Halloween instead, and here are some fun ideas:
The Cutest Halloween Wreath I have seen this year:

This Wriggling Snake Wreath from Martha Stewart is super fun and cool!I think it would be easy to do, too!

I love this Williams' Sonoma Knock Off Wreath:

And this wreath looks much more time consuming, but it's really pretty:

For a glam halloween look, I love this one:

And, hands down the most amazing DIY Halloween Costume I have seen this year is Young Maleficent by Elizabeth Kartchner. I mean wow!

On another note, what are you all making for dinner tonight? I always try to make an easy Halloween themed meal to feed my kiddos before I take them out to stuff themselves with sugar...err...trick or treat. For us tonight, it's "blood and guts" (spaghetti). Here's some more inspiration, if you are feeling more creative than I am:
Healthy sweets:
I did these monster teeth last year, and my kids loved it:

Kids love mummy pizzas, too:

Do you celebrate halloween? I think it's a fun excuse to dress up and play pretend! 

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