Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Workspace Wednesday/Master Bedroom Update/On My Desk

We are almost finished with our master bedroom! (These projects always take way longer than you think they are going to) We are finished putting in the new bamboo floor and replacing the baseboards:

And Eric ran the wires for the tv down through the wall. We've hung the new plantation blinds:
And the new ceiling fan:
And now, I am getting to do the fun part;putting the rest of the furniture back, hanging curtains, new bedding, artwork, etc... I can't wait to share it all when I am finished!

Now, a peek at what I am crafting today:

I am making a bit of decor for my daughter's room, and trying to use up some of my overabundant flower stash. What are you working on today?


  1. Your room looks amazing! And loving the sneak of what you are working on!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Julie! The work is finally starting to pay off!

  2. Looking great Margie! The floral letter looks super :)


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