Monday, July 27, 2015

What I've been up to...and, My Baby Sister Is Having a Baby (Part 1)

No, I didn't drop off the planet, but you may never have guessed that, judging by the crickets here...chirp chirp! I have just had an extremely busy month, planning a baby shower for my sister, working full time (and it's our busy season, with senior portrait sessions in full swing), trying to cook actual meals, football starting back up for Evan, and oh, yeah, it's already time to start back to school shopping, can you believe it? It seems like summer just started! Anyway, I am here today to share a maternity session that I did for my "baby" sister last week, a couple of days before the shower.

Isn't she beautiful, all glowy and radiant?

She had a few ideas of shots that she had seen on Pinterest and wanted me to try, so of course we did:

Because, really, what could be sweeter than tiny baby shoes?

We did a few comparison shots to show just how tiny they really were:

I had to get dad in on the picture taking fun, too:

You can truly tell how much they love each other, and I am so happy for my little sis, and this sweet baby that is blessed to have them as parents.

Here's another favorite of my sister:

So, now you are partially up to time, the shower! And I definitely got crafty with it, so be sure to come back tomorrow night for the second installment!

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  1. Gorgeous photos!! They are a beautiful couple and I am sure they are excited about their little girl!!!!!!


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