Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CKC Kit for March, "Photos and Stories"

It's a new month...which means a new kit to scrap with! There's nothing like a fresh batch of supplies to scrap with! This month, we were given the Ali Edwards Click kit to be inspired by.

Here is my take on the kit:

Here's a quick video taped look at my March kit:

I have to be honest...I loved this kit, and searched for the stamps, but I couldn't find a place to purchase them, so I bought the digital files:
Normally, the point of the Counterfeit Kit challenge kits is to use your own supplies instead of purchasing new ones-but no one does stamps like Ali, and I think that I will definitely use this set of digital files with my CKC kit this month, especially since I am printing more of my photos at home now. I can't wait to try it out!

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  1. We're allowed a treat every so often - and those ARE inspirational "stamps". Great looking kit - lots to enjoy being creative with.

  2. Another huge kit just perfect for diving into - have fun

  3. You have given me pause to ponder. Does the additions of stamps, or cut files, fall under the category of "stash" as we call it at CKC. I think, perhaps, an item that does not get used up, (such as paper, or stickers do) are investments. Especially if bought for immediate inclusion in a kit. Also using something newer, up-to-date, breaths life into the more dated items, keeping the layouts fresh, perhaps even, on-trend.

  4. I often wish I stamped just so that I could justify buying some of her great stamps - but I don't, so I don't! But these digital stamps look great and I'm really curious to see them appear on pages! Great - huge - kit. Looks like it will be a lot of fun to use!

  5. I really enjoyed seeing how you added the papers to your kit - it looks like it has so much scrappy potential. Enjoy.

  6. Colourful kit with a nod to the original as well.Your new stamps will be good to use.

  7. Great kit--I can't wait to see what you do with the digital stamps!

  8. Fun to hear your voice and see your products in video format. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Applause for broadening your horizons with those digi files!
    I think that is a great part of Ali's appeal.
    Love the video reveal :-)

  10. Love what you put together!!

  11. Will need to pop back to see the full video (mobile data limits!) but this looks amazing. Love that you included some stamps - especially as it will encourage you to work on your photographs! Glad that you made the kit work for you x

  12. I love seeing all that color and I really like that alpha stamp set that you included. Great kit! And I agree about Ali's stamps - they are very versatile and timeless.

  13. So glad to see your large kit :) Thought my take went the total wrong way :) Love your kit :) and smart on the digital files I thought the same and grabbed some for Scrapbooks and Cards today mag site :)


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