Monday, July 25, 2016

Magic Monday...Star Wars Style

Welcome to another edition of Magic Monday! This week I am focusing on all things Star Wars. When we went to Disney World in 2014, we just happened to go on one of their Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. Now that they have announced that they are making a "Star Wars Land" at Hollywood Studios, and the park has a lot more Star Wars activity year round, these Star Wars weekends have become a thing of the past. The way the parks evolve and change are actually one of my favorite things about Disney, so I am trying to document the way it was when were there before, to fully appreciate the differences and changes when we go back.

 I made this page with my brochure from the park that weekend, just stapled to the top of my page, so that you can still open it out and read it, and some fun photos that Eric and a few of the girls took-"Magic Shots" that made it look like they were battling Darth Vader.

what it looked like with the brochure folded out:
 details, details:

And, yes...I am still working on that ginormous April kit! Lol! Hopefully, I will have pretty much killed it soon, and I can do a kill a kit post or video!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I hope you have a Magical day! See ya real soon!


  1. Definitely the perfect Hollywood touch with the glittered stars. What fun photos. You go, gurl, on killing that kit!

  2. You brought up a really good point about things changing even at Disney. I have photos of rides that are no longer there and should really scrap them. I like the gold and sparkle on your page - perfect for this theme.


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