Saturday, May 8, 2010

I survived the Flood of May 2010!

I never thought that my little town could flood like it did...until it happened. Some people are calling it a 500 year flood, and I believe that 18 people in TN lost their lives (one that I know of in my county). These photos were taken on Sunday, when the flood waters had already started to recede somewhat.

All roads into town were flooded:

Here's one way:

Here's the other way (we were some of the last people to drive through this from town on Saturday, and it was the scariest thing I have ever been through) At first , we were behind a car and couldn't see how far the road was covered with water. It truly felt like we were going to be swept off the road-and it's about a 10 ft drop down into the fields beside the road, where it was under water. It was even scarier because we had the girls in the car. My husband, who is rarely scared of anything , had us unbuckling and was giving us instructions on what to do if we were washed off the road. I was praying so hard by that point...I am not a strong swimmer at all... but we DID make it across (thank you, God!)
The other roads were all torn up in places (the rushing water literally rearranged the asphalt), and sticks, trees, and other debris from the fields were washed into the roads:And there were other things that I have never seen before, such as the side of the road being washed away, so that the asphalt was not fully supported (see the small cracks on the edge?).And mini-water falls and "rapids" in the fields and roadside ditches:

Fortunately, we live on a hill, so the worst thing that happened to us was our driveway washing out into the road, and leaving two very deep gullies:Which, of course, the girls decided to go wading in...

All, in all, we were comparitively lucky, compared to Nashville, but several other roads around us are closed because of HUGE sinkholes, etc, I just couldn't get close enough to take a picture.


  1. Omg Margie! Thank goodness you are OK! You took some amazing pictures! I'm so glad you and your family are safe!

  2. Wow! I knew things were really bad in TN but seeing these pictures really makes it more clear. I'm glad you and your family was safe and didn't have any major damage. That weekend was a really scary weekend even here in NW AL the weather was HORRIBLE!!

  3. These pictures are unbelievable! We all know it can happen anywhere, ya just never think its gonna be you. So glad you are safe!

  4. I am so glad that you and your family are fine. I heard on the news this morning that the death toll in TN is now at 31. I posted a link on my blog last night where people can donate to the relief efforts. My hubby is stationed at Fort Campbell and I know Clarksville, TN had some pretty heavy damage. We are on the KY side and we're fortune not to have any damage. My prayers go out to all the families that were affected.


  5. so glad you and your family are ok, the pictures are hard to hope you have a fabulous day!

    enjoy *~*

  6. That is scary. We have had our road washed out completely last year by heavy rains.
    Not sure if I would have driven through that Yikes.

  7. OMG, that has got to be scary..... I'm so glad you guys are alright. My hubby's employer is hq in Nashville and we knew it was pretty bad. How's the basement holding up?

    big hugs


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