Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt, Continued...

I took lots more photos on our trip, keeping the prompts from in mind, so I am back to share my take on a few more of the prompts:
7. A sign that is unintentionally or intentionally funny:
8. A Tower:

Saw this in downtown, Atlanta, and just thought it looked so cool with the light reflecting on it!

10. A Bench that is outside:

One of my little girls (Cecilia) taking a break in the Centennial Olympic Park.
11. An animal in a zoo, aquarium, nature preserve, etc:
I thought it was very interesting that the turtle could climb on the alligator's back without being "dinner"!
13. A Fence: (I have a couple for this one)
 This was taken on a Father's Day trip to the mountains:

And this one was taken at Dauset Trails, near Indian Creek, GA:
14.A Stained Glass object or a mosaic  (I have a couple for this prompt as well!):
This one isn't "real" stained glass, but, rather, a stained glass sticker, and I thought it was pretty how the light was reflecting through it:
 And then I went to the Olympic Park, and I saw a beautiful sort of "mosaic" (I know this is a different interpretation of it, but I love when I can put a creative twist on a photography challenge!). This sculpture is called the "Quilt Of Nations", and those little rectangles are the flags of the participating countries:
16. A Windmill:

Seen at Dauset Trails.
That's it for now-I have until September to try and find the rest of the prompts!

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