Friday, July 25, 2014

Photo Friday: Sunrise and Sunset on Siesta Key

After our hectic, fun-filled 5 days at Disney World, we knew that we would need a soft sandy beach to relax on for a few days before we went back to every day life, and Siesta Key, FL was the perfect place for that! Gorgeous white sand (I swear that powdery sand was magic on my sore feet!), the perfect place to soak up a few rays and just relax. After starting our vacation off very high-key and high-speed, it was nice to kick back, grill out, and enjoy some gorgeous sunsets and sunrises before we headed home. It's hard to beat sitting on the lanai, drinking coffee, and watching the reflected sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico:

Walking onto the beach from our condo, it looked like this:

And it's pretty hard to beat watching a sunset that looks like a painting, while sipping some white zinfandel and walking down the beach. Of course, I was the girl with a giant camera, too. ;-)

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