Tuesday, October 28, 2014


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Getting the home reno projects tied up for the year;I would love to be able to relax a bit over the holidays.My house looks like a scene from Dexter with everything covered in plastic as we remove wallpaper, popcorn from the ceilings, sand, and paint.We did all of the bedrooms ourselves, but we're getting to the end of the year and want to get it done, so we are getting a little help from the pros to finish the stuff like wallpaper and popcorn removal, and painting during the daytime, and my hubby and I come in and do other projects on the nights and weekends, such as as adding chair rail/trim, updating/changing light fixtures, hanging pictures, putting up new plantation blinds, etc, etc, etc.... I am trying not to even think about next week, when I will have to start removing the drywall dust that is in every crack and crevice!

Inspired By:

I'm still feeling inspired by Wilna's Art and Design class from Big Picture classes. The class is over now, but I keep re-watching the videos. They make me want to pull out a paintbrush and paint!


I am trying to use up a bunch of old kits, and knock out a bunch of layouts at a time, so I have a huge pile of  layout starters on my desk.

Salads. There comes a time when you are just so sick of burgers and fries and all manner of fast foods-and while I am thankful for the time it has saved me during our household projects, my pants are not.

Ideally it would be sweaters, skinnies, and boots. But it is still a little warm for them here in TN.

Can Be Found:
Playing chauffeur for my kids most nights, even on the weekend. Does it make me a bad person to be ready for Halloween to be over, so all of the Halloween parties and events can be too? For a month or so till Christmas stuff starts, anyway?

Be sure and drop by on November 1st for a look at my newest Counterfeit Kit Challenge Kit!

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  1. Been there, done that with the renos...and you are so right...that drywal dust gets everywhere. I think i took everything out of my china cabinet and washed it all down three times in the first month after we were finished!

    Good luck with the renos and with the layout kits...you have a lovely start on that first one.


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