Monday, January 14, 2013

Journal Your Christmas, Days #1 and #2

I played along with Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas class for the first time this year, and I loved it! Instead of trying to do a page every day in December, like a December Daily style album, I just read her daily prompts and journaled whatever they triggered for me, and took photos along with the photo prompts, also! It was so much fun, and I felt so much less stress! Now that the holiday has passed, I am using my Merry and Bright kit (and another kit that I will share tomorrow) to put these memories and photos into an album. Over the next month, I plan to share these pages and stories here on my blog. I really feel that this class helped me to appreciate the joys and memories of the season, and I love that I am now signed up for lifetime access to it! Is it weird to already be excited, and planning things for next year? Lol!
Anyway, on to my pages:
Day 1, "A Christmas Manifesto":


The journaling reads:
"Spend time this year ENJOYING the season, creating and recording memories, instead of overwhelming myself with too much STUFF. Simplify, take more time for family and togetherness. Take time to reflect and yes, even to mourn the loved ones who are missing from this year's celebration. But treasure the memories, and the loved ones who are here. Appreciate the magic of Christmas while the kids are young. Make yummy food, enjoy, and photograph all of the family's memories."

Day 2, "Tuna Can Ornaments":

The journaling reads:
 " I remember sitting at the table as a child, making the ornaments for this tree! The painstaking work threading each bead onto wire for the icicles, and the hot glue burns on my fingers from gluing the velvet ribbons and tiny ornaments onto the tuna cans...I wonder how many cans of tuna were eaten in the process of making these? I love crafty things like these now, so it seems funny to think back on how much I hated making them at the time!"

Thanks for looking! I will be back with another kit from my stash tomorrow!


  1. Talk about stress reduction!! I attempted to make a DD during December and ditched the idea. I still have the project on my desk and plan to finish it off this month when I have a little time. I did plan out my pictures, I just didn't think much about the journaling at the time. I'm doing project life this year so I don't think I will be doing a seperate DD. Your project has a beautiful start!

  2. What beautiful pages!! I'm not done with my JYC, but I REALLY loved being a part of it and hope to get it finished by the end of January.

    Have a Blessed day ~~ dawn

  3. "Treasure the memories and the loved ones..." That is a WONDERFUL manifesto! I also loved reading about your tuna can ornaments!

  4. Wonderful job! I also took this class. I have my responses to the prompts printed, along with my photos for the photo prompts, and all my materials in a box waiting for time to put it all together. You did a fantastic job here! Can't wait to see it all unfold here.

  5. Love what you've done so far! Less stress is always a plus.

  6. Great pages! I think I'll sign up for the JYC class next year. I always love to see what people create with the prompts!

  7. lovely creative ideas for scrapbooking your Christmas.
    Great pages.

    blessings to you from Angela


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