Monday, April 20, 2015

Master Forgers' Scrap Crush Blog Hop

Is there a famous (or not-so-famous) scrapbooker that inspires you? Who influences you in your scrapbooking? I know that I am inspired by many scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers alike. I do my best to cultivate a teachable spirit, as I love to learn, and I try to make myself a sponge that absorbs all of the beauty and inspiration from the world around me. I am inspired by sunsets, signs, television shows and movies, songs...I could go on and on forever! With all of that being said, though, when we were asked to do this "scrap crush" challenge, a particular scrapbooker immediately came to mind. When I first became aware of this talented scrapper's work a few years ago, her style was miles away from my own. But still, I found her work to be quite beautiful and inspiring to me! I still feel that my pages are quite different from hers, from the photos to the finished product, but every time I see her videos or pages, I am inspired to try something new or different, and she has definitely inspired me to get a little bit messier on my scrapbook pages than I had in the past. And that is the biggest hint that you will get from me! You will have to try to guess from my layout who I was inspired by , and it will be fun to see if you can see her influence in my work.
Here is my layout:
 Inspiration that I took from my scrappy crush:

  • I used a whole package of embellishments in a line down the center of the page.
  • I painted an area for my journaling.
  • A soft, feminine style.
  • 2 patterned papers mounted on a striped background.
  • I painted my embellishments to give them a watercolored look. (*tip-if you don't have the watercolor in the color you want, you can paint with your mists as well! I painted these with Color Shine mist and October Afternoon Sprinklers)
I had quite a few photos from when my girls got their ears pierced, and since it was over 4 years ago, I wanted to get them into my scrapbook-the perfect solution for lots of photos-a pocket page! I just slipped those photos in the pockets, embellished in the lower right hand corner with a few scraps from the other page, and a flower, just a bit to tie the two pages together. I love that this memory issnow stored away safely in my scrapbook! I can't believe how little they look, and how they have grown in four short years!
So, what do you think? Do you know who my scrappy crush is? I wonder if I have made it obvious or tricky. Leave me a comment to let me know who you think it is-And come back tomorrow to see if you were right!

Here are the rest of the girls that are playing along with the scrap crush challenge:

If you would like to play along too, we'd love to see who inspires you! Just be sure to link up with the Counterfeit Kit challenge blog's Mr. Linky so we can see them!


  1. Yes! I can see the influence immediately!! Well done on really capturing some of the key design features of your scrap crush. Of course, I know who it is but I think many of your readers will too! you have really interpreted her style onto your page and yet, it still looks like your page! Thanks so much for playing along with me/us today!!

  2. Loveeeeee this! LOVING the colors and the design down the middle!!!!!!!

  3. Lilith Eeckels? The white background, watercolor and carefully placed embellishments remind me of her style.

  4. Maggie Holmes? I really have no idea. :)

  5. Whoever it is, YOU have done a gorgeous spread! Love the soft & sweet girly artfulness :)

  6. I really don't know...but your take is so sweet. Those canvas (?) embellies painted with mists are just fabulous. A great artsy, messy vibe going on here. Can't wait to find out.

  7. Very "arty" layout. I have no idea but can admire the style on this. The misted canvases look super.

  8. I think it's Wilma Furstenberg. Your page has a soft, ethereal quality that reminds me of her style. What a lovely page!

  9. Fabulous page!!! LOVE those darling pictures!!

  10. Such beautiful pages with wonderful pictures.


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