Monday, June 9, 2014

Dinner at The Derby (Hollywood Brown Derby)

During our 5 days at Disney, we only did one table service meal (there are so many fantastic snacks, and who really wants to sit around eating for a couple of hours while you're at Disney world, anyway?) I have to say that this was a fantastic meal, though- everything I tried was excellent! We tried out one of the signature restaurants in Disney's Hollywood Studios, The Hollywood Brown Derby.

The Hollywood Brown Derby Dining Room:

(photo from the My Disney Experience website)
I loved the light fixtures and caricatures on the walls:

Instead of ordering entrees for the adults- we ordered several appetizers and desserts, so that we could try a variety of things. 

I ordered the "Portsmouth Lobster Bisque
with a Lobster Fritter and Jalapeño Oil":


and the 
Blue Lump Crab Spring Rolls
Snow Crab Claw, and an Asian Slaw with spicy Miso Aïoli:

The spring rolls were the best spring rolls I have ever had, and the soup was so yummy I almost forgot to take a picture!

Eric ordered the famous Cobb Salad (the Cobb Salad was made famous by the original Hollywood Brown Derby in California)

with Finely Chopped Greens, Turkey Breast, Bacon, Egg, Tomatoes, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Avocado, Chives, and Cobb Dressing:

I thought it was very good, except for the blue cheese-not a big fan of that!

And he ordered the

Andouille-crusted Prawn
over Black Diamond Cheddar Grits, Wilded Greens, and Ancho Oil:

 Also very good-especially the grits for this southern girl! If you try them, it will totally change your opinion of grits! Creamy perfection!
Even the kids' fish and chips were great!Caitlin had a Cobb salad too, but she wished she had left off the blue cheese-she thought it tasted like perfume.
My favorite part of any meal is dessert, so we ordered a couple of Dessert Trios:

The desserts we chose:
Chocolate Sphere with Hazelnut Praline Chocolate and Orange-White Chocolate Mousse,
Milk Chocolate Crémeux with Mojito Concoction on Almond Rocher, Amaretto Flan and Opalys White Chocolate Whip with an Almond Cookie; Brown Derby Original! Mini Grapefruit Cake, Double Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée, and the Warm Blueberry Cobbler with Crème Fraîche and Orange Blossom Honey.
This was the most popular dessert with the kids:
And, while I agree that it was very good, my favorite was the Warm Blueberry Cobbler-so yummy!
Or, maybe, it was the Mango Margarita-so refreshing on a 97+ degree day!

Have you done table service meals at any of the Disney parks? What were your favorites? I would love to know!


  1. Wow, we did just once I think, and it didn't compare to those delights. How wonderful that Disney can go upscale too.


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