Friday, June 6, 2014

Mickey Mouse Pancake Fail...or...Daddy Makes The Magic Happen!

So, when I planned the whole "Magical Morning Surprise", my plan was to make the kids Mickey pancakes for breakfast, to add to the excitement, memories, whatever. However, a little practice might have been a good idea ;-) . When I actually went to execute my plan, my pancakes were looking nothing like Mickey! In fact, they just came out like rather odd, deformed circles. Luckily, I married someone that has more patience than I do (at least while cooking!), so Eric took over and brought my idea to fruition. His Mickey pancakes looked great:
And the kids loved them-they ate them (ears first, of course!) without even needing syrup on them.
I will, however, be purchasing a Mickey waffle maker soon, so I can make a Disney breakfast, too!


  1. come we don't get to see YOUR pancakes!!! Hubby did a great job!


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