Monday, January 11, 2016

2015...Hitting the Highlights...

January was all about finishing up the girls' 5th Grade basketball season at GES. The end of an era for our family, since my husband coached their team from second grade on up!

It was also about buying real furniture, from a furniture store, for the first time in my adult life. It was fun taking those trips to the store, browsing, and picking out what we liked! Love my new sectional, Dining room suite, and entertainment center!

And, at the end of the month, Evan tried out for the soccer team and made it:
(waiting for results to be posted)

In February, I made my last little set of treats for classmates for the Twins' friends for Valentine's Day:

My mom had us over for a sweet little Valentine's Day brunch:

And I celebrated V-Day with my hubby and a wonderful meal:

Then, the ice storms hit:

 It meant empty grocery store shelves:

And plenty of time for board games while we were stuck in the house:

Of course, a glass of wine by the fireplace was pretty nice too!

Finally, the ice melted, and I took this girl to get her driver's permit:

March rolled around, and brought the snow. More than we usually get in Tennessee:

My poor dog didn't know what to think!

The girls were super excited to have enough to make a Snow person:

 And I was excited to photograph it!

It finally melted away, though, and life went back to its normal pace. Soccer season started up:

The twins tried out for the CCMS Spring Concert, and started going to practices:
(I love how they were the tallest ones there, even though almost all of the other kids were the same age)

The twins made banks from recycled materials for 4H:

By the end of the month, the trees were starting to bloom (my favorite time of the year!):

And my mom's cat had kittens (which meant Caitlin was in love and immediately begging us for a cat!):

If you've stuck with me so far, awesome! Come back tomorrow for 2015, part 2.


  1. Wonderful post, cant wait to read part two.


  2. LOVING all the photos!! LOVING your sectional!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love a good year in review post - super! I might have to do one myself!


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