Friday, January 1, 2016

January 2016 Counterfeit Kit , " A Fresh Start"

Welcome 2016! Happy new year! With the new year is a new month, of course, which means a new kit- and, let me tell you, I am ready for a non-Christmas kit! I have been working hard on my JYC/December Daily mini, and I am mostly finished with it, but I am ready to put the Christmas supplies aside and work on something different now! I always love the December minis, and it is so great to go back and look at previous ones, but after a month of Christmas scrapping almost every day, I am ready for a new scrappy adventure. For our January kits, we were given the directive to be inspired by the fantastic planner kits from The Planner Society. And we were allowed to choose which one we wanted to be inspired by. There were several to choose from- has a lot of photos and reviews of Planner Society kits, and I loved the November kit, but in the end, I decided that I would love to lift the December offering.This is the kit that I was inspired by:

I loved the colors and whimsy of the December kit, and tried to pull together a kit with a similar feel to it:
Mint floral, several patterns from the True Stories collection from Shimelle, and a coral red stripe,some ancient KI labels (I always try to include at least one or two older items in my kit to get them used up-another really old piece is the printed plastic frame from Making Memories. I also added in some resin shapes that reminded me of the ones in the planner kit, Basic Grey wood veneer, yellow washi tape, and a couple of handmade ribbon clips:
The Planner Society kits always have cute girl images in them, so I put a stamp in my kit to use this month:
While I will most likely use my kit mostly for scrapbooking, I do have a planner that I am excited to start using-I love the new Carpe Diem planner:
Even the box it came in is cute!

So, there you have it, my January Counterfeit Kit which I am calling "A Fresh Start". I am excited to hop around to the other designers and see what kits inspired them, and what direction they took the kits in, and which one of the beautiful Planner Society Kits they chose to be inspired by. And if you want some awesome inspiration for planners, I highly suggest that you follow the Planner Society on Instagram!


  1. An awesome kit - and you'll be "planning" with it too!
    Happy New Year x

  2. Looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful kit - love that mint floral!

  4. This is lovely and fresh - enjoy it. I'll be watching to see how you use up those frame elements which are very iconic in both the inspiration kit and your counterfeit.

  5. your kit. Maybe you should be designing kits for sale?

    Please share your finished pages of the planner as I would like to learn more about this style of memory keeping.

  6. Your kit is definitely a fresh start.Despite being the same choice as someone else,yours is totally different. Looking forward to seeing how your planner progresses.

  7. This is a truly amazing forgery! You have done an outstanding job replicating your chosen inspiration. I had to laugh that as saturated as you were with December products you still chose the December inspo, but I can see why! You were definitely inspired. I agree with Sherrie above - please share your pages on the Linky.

  8. Same inspiration kit but a totally different outcome which is one of the things I love the most about CKC. I agree that your kit is a perfect counterfeit of the original and you have some gorgeous embellies there too. Am also interested to see how you get on with the planner as I'm oh so tempted at the moment!!!

  9. Your kit definitely captures the look and feel of the original. I have a new planner too for 2016, so I am anxious to see how you decorate yours!

  10. If I hadn't already chosen (and made up my kit) when this one was released ... it's so lovely, isn't it? You've made a beautiful kit full of the colour and whimsy of the original. Oh, and all of those swoonsome frames!

    Loving the addition of the Carpe Diem (in the same colour as my Color Crush!) and will be checking in to see how you use it. Happy New Year x

  11. This is such a pretty kit! I love the frames and are those metal labels? I hope you can create some awesomeness with your kit. And looks like I just moved to your state in October! It would be nice to be close to a scrapper. Everyone I've met looks at me like I'm crazy. -_- OK...maybe I am, but HA! I'm a scrapper and I love it.

    1. Thank you! That's awesome! I'm near Jackson-where are you?


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