Friday, January 15, 2016

2015...Part Three

Sorry for taking a couple of days break from this - I had the first two posts prescheduled, thought I would get the third one done, and I never, let's just jump back in!
August meant back to school:

One in high school, three in middle school!

I always love trips to the farmer's market around harvest time:

We stopped at an awesome pizza place afterwards:

Football season started back up:

We took the kids to Shiloh National Park (I love taking little trips like these and making history come to life for our kids!)

My hubby and I put in some work updating our front porch (this is the before, as we were just getting started):

We painted the shutters:
 (we them from a faded rose red to a rich navy blue)

The twins went to their first middle school dance:

 I got to chaperone, so I got pictures inside:

This is the porch mostly finished-still on our agenda to paint the floor and redo the mailbox...

The bigs got glasses:

September meant 8th grade recognition night for Evan and the other football players/band members/cheerleaders:

 More fundraising for the eighth grade trip:

And we gave our mailbox a makeover:

Time for fall decor, because it's my favorite:

October brought fall break, which meant 4H camp for these two:

And Evan turned 14-with donuts instead of cake:

We decided it was time to paint the porch- but we hated the color after we put it on (Renovation Realities!) Way too orange!

 So. We started over with gray:

 Here's how it looked when we finished:

 Caitlin wanted burgundy hair, so we went for it. It took 3 boxes of dye, and two dye sessions:

Basketball started up for the twins:

The twins decided to stay home and pass out candy (and torture the cat a bit...but it is cute!):

They also carved pumpkins:

And made cupcakes:

In November, we went to Jocelyn's Baby "Sprinkle":

And we shared a wonderful Thanksgiving with family (and way too much food):

And in December,
We had more basketball:

We put up lights and decorations:

Both inside and out:

Did some more fundraising:

Our elf, Snowflake, came back for a visit:

We had an amazing English Christmas dinner; Prime Rib, roasted green beans and shallots, yorkshire pudding, butter, garlic, and shallot roasted potatoes. Mmmm.

 This Christmas break, I had a great time with the kids! Cecilia made awesome pancakes:

I worked on some past December Daily albums:

We made gingerbread cookies:

And we played board games. My favorite was Scattergories!

And, that wraps up 2015! Onward to 2016!


  1. Loved the pictorial retrospective on the year - well done.

    1. Thanks, S! I have found that I really love having them to look back on when I have done them in the past!

  2. I think I need to do one! Great review of your interesting year!

  3. Another great post, really love your blog x


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