Sunday, January 10, 2016

What I am looking forward to in 2016...

Focusing on my One Little Word For this Year: "Goals"! I have a lot of goals this year that I am determined to achieve: a healthier lifestyle, paying off debt, improving my photography skills, purchasing a new camera and at least one lens, and my trips!

I have lots of fun trips planned for this year, and I can't wait to share them with you all!

Right now, this post is scheduled to go live as I am at Imaging USA, PPA convention. There are some amazing speakers scheduled to be there, such as Amy Purdy, Bambi Cantrell, Ty Fischer, Lindsey Adler, and Sue Bryce, just to name a few!

I am definitely looking forward to all of the instruction and inspiration, and I can't wait to soak it in!
And I get to meet my new baby niece, Gracelyn, since we will be staying at my sisters' house while I attend the convention. So, look forward to some pictures when I return!

At the end of May, my son and I will be traveling to Washington, DC and Colonial Williamsburg for his eighth grade class trip. We are full swing into fundraising and planning for that! I am super excited, since I haven't been to Washington DC yet, and I'm quite the history buff, so I know it will be an amazing experience.
Washington, D.C.:

Colonial Williamsburg:

All next summer, I will be photographing seniors (my own sweet little Catybug included!). And when fall rolls around...we're going to Disney World!! I can't wait to see Disney World around Halloween and fall!
The pictures I have seen look awesome:

So, lots of "Scrapportunities" this year! Bring it on, 2016! I can't wait to experience you!


  1. Sounds like an exciting year is coming your way!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Well, it looks as though 2016 will be very exciting. Good luck with those 'Goals' - I'm right there with you (with some very similar objectives) with my word 'Plan' x

  3. Definitely looks like a wonderful year with all those trips (and great photo ops)!

  4. Nice to have a list of trips that you know you will make right there at the beginning of the year! I need to work on my list!


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