Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Daily Post (the one with all of the pages, lol)

Good morning! I know I promised I would share this, so I am going to just post it all in one big glob of pictures!
Here is my December Daily for 2011:
 December 1st and 2nd:
 3rd and 4th:
 5th and 6th:
 Christmas Card and the 7th:
 8th and 9th:
 10th and 11th:
 12th and 13th: (still missing one photo, I have to print out my collage of Tim Holtz tags for Day 12)
 14th and 15th:
 16th and 17th:

 19th and 20th (I still need to add journaling and dates to this):
 December 23rd (I skipped the 21st and 22nd, just too busy to take pics):
 another from the 23rd, 24th:
 24th, continued:
And I haven't done Christmas Day yet, I am still editing those pictures! If you would like to see a list of supplies that I used for my December Daily album, you can see my "Cozy Christmas" Counterfeit Kit here:December Daily kit post.
It's not perfect, it's not complete, but I am excited anyway, because it is the closest I have ever come to completing a December Daily album!! Thanks for looking, leave me a comment to let me know what you think! And come back tomorrow for our Master Forger's Blog Hop/Kit Reveal!

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  1. your album is adorable! I gave up trying even so well done for getting it done and in such a fab way!

  2. Your album looks lovely! I'm playing catch up on mine and need to plan it differently next year. Your album looks a lot more co-ordinated than mine, more sophisticated! Mine seems to be a real hotchpotch :)

  3. This looks fantastic - a really lovely record of the month

  4. Margie, your book is great! I am nowhere near as far along as you, but I'm going to try to get done this month. Great job!


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