Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

Just a little peek into my favorite findings on the web this week:

I wish I had seen this wreath idea before, I totally would have made it for my scraproom:

I have found all sorts of recipes for DIY Beauty products:

And homemade blush with no chemicals:

I am always looking for ideas and inspiration for DIY Decor. I loved these:

I have learned how valuable cute containers,baskets, and boxes can be in keeping the house looking neat and tidy, and I have about a million fuzzy blankets and throw pillows floating around my house. So these would be extremely functional, and cute at the same time:

And I have been actively endeavoring to cook and eat more healthfully, trying new recipes, and homemade versions of the fast foods and restaurant meals we love, hopefully cutting alot of calories, fat, and sugar in the process. Tonight I am making a whole wheat pizza (love homemade pizza), and I really want to try a few of these recipes:

Chicken Gyros. My husband loves Gyros, and this looks really good. I have very high hopes for this recipe-hope it's a hit!

I love salmon, and avocado, why haven't I thought to put them together before?

I found these and a lot more yummy healthy recipes via I Heart Naptime:

What about you? What's inspiring you this week?


  1. Great links! so agree about having the containers around the house to keep things in order - it really helps!


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