Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Wishlist

Just thought I'd share a few of the things I am wishing for/crushing on this week!

The thing that I have been dreaming about the most....

The new, soon to be released Canon T6i:

I have loved my Canon T1i, and still do, as it is still quite a work horse of a camera. I use it to shoot nearly everything that I post here on my blog, with the occasional exception for iphone photos. It is a fabulous way to dip your toe into the entry level of digital SLR photography for a relatively small expense, and I have learned so much about photography with this camera. There are several features about the T6i that are drawing me in, though! 

*the Wi-Fi capability: this is an amazing feature in my book! It would allow me to easily transfer photos to my phone-making sharing to instagram, facebook, and even my blog exponentially easier. I do edit most of my photos in PSE or Bridge, but as I have taken classes and improved my photography skills, I feel much more confident with my straight out of camera shots. This feature would also make it possible for me to operate my camera remotely with my phone or tablet, if I understand correctly, and allow me to print via wi-fi from my camera as well.

*Fun Creative filters that can be used in conjuction with the wi-fi capability-
Art Bold, Water Painting, Fisheye effect, Soft Focus, Toy Camera, Grainy Black and White plus Miniature effect in both still photographs and movie mode.

*improved ISO capability with the DIGIC 6 Image processor- this one is important! I do a lot of low light shooting with the indoor sports and activities that my kids take part in, so the faster processor would allow for nicer, less noisy shots in those circumstances.While my T1i is capable of ISO expansion up to 3200 (and any shots taken at that level of expansion are pretty grainy!), the T6i is capable of ISO 100-12800, and expandable to 25600. 

*19 point all cross type AF (auto focus) -this is a big upgrade for an "entry-level" DSLR, and one that takes it up to the prosumer range for me, as it was previously offered in the Canon 70D. This will allow for tack sharp images, as I nearly always choose my focal points, and this offers a much greater range of choice than my T1i.

*The 24.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor-with resolution this good, I would have to try out a large canvas print for my wall!

Ok, so now I really want a new camera. What do you think? Did I convince you that the upgrade would be worthwhile?

Other things on my wishlist this week:
I really, really want a few art supplies after staying home and watching craft and class videos all week last week while I was snowed/iced in. Wilna's videos really inspire me, and I want to pick up some more watercolors.
This would be my dream set:

But this looks like a great set for a great price:

And if you have seen any of Wilna's work, you'll know why she makes me want to order all of the Gelatos!

And I am sorely in need of a new purse for spring... here are just a few that are catching my eye:

What about you? What are you dreaming of right now? I'd love to know!


  1. Ohhhhhhh I am loving your wish list!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lots of goodies there, at the end of last year I picked up some gelatos cheap as the package was damaged and I hope to use them soon. I hadn't started thinking about a new spring purse, but now I am!! Great list of goodies, thanks for sharing.

    1. I have one 3 pack of Gelatos, and I love them! Lucky duck!


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