Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scrapbook Sharing: December Journal Your Christmas album, Day 7

After a week of a an icy holiday from school, the kids are back to their normal routine. Which means back to the routine for me, as well. But before I get started on my mountains of laundry, house cleaning, menu planning, and grocery list making, I thought I would drop by and share another page from my December Journal Your Christmas album. My Day 7 was quite a full and busy day, with my niece's 1st birthday party taking up a large part of the day, and then driving home from Nashville with my mom and sister. I helped make a lot of the decorations for the party, and helped set up, and then took quite a few pictures while we were actually at the party. So, my day 7 is a double page, with a pocket page of lots of photos.

Here is a look at the double page spread:

A look at the photo pocket page:

between the 2 pages, I punched a couple of holes and added the invitation to the party:

Bits of glitter have sifted out and stuck to it, but I'm ok with that! Glitter is good in my book!

The back of the invitation was blank, so I adhered one more photo:

On the right side of the spread, I added my favorite photo from the party, along with a bit of journaling about it, as well.

I am still enjoying putting this album together, and I think part of the reason is the non-traditional color palette that I went with this year. The cream and pink make it feel not quite as "Christmas-y", so I still enjoy playing with it long after the season has ended. And if I do feel like doing the more traditional colors, they're in there, too.

What about you? Do you continue working on projects that are seasonal, like December Daily or Journal Your Christmas, after the season has ended? Or do you put it away and wait for the next year?

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  1. Fabulous spread!! Your niece is absolutely adorable. I can see why you wanted to include so many pics of that day!!

    1. Aww, thanks Leslie! I think she is too, but I may be "slightly" biased ;-)

  2. Love love love these pages!! She is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


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